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 How do I know when ear candling has worked.  For me personally when I first tried ear candles the therapist asked me (before the candling)to check what everything looked like around me, what I heard and how clear it was, how did my head feel ie thick, heavy etc. how did my ears feel. Then she asked me to hold my nose and blow gently-what did my head and ears feel like when doing this. How did my neck feel and feel generally all over. Thought this was strange but did it.
After the ear candling she asked me to check again and to my suprise everything seemed brighter and clearer with my eyes, head felt lighter/clearer, neck muscles felt more relaxed I could breath through my nose for the first time in a long time and when I gently blew my nose the ears were clearer not totally clear but a lot better. I could hear better the sounds were clearer. Now I would not have really noticed this I reckon if I hadn't been asked to check. It happens so naturally that generally you are not aware. Just note that this was with 'healing candles'. I cannot speak for othertypes of ear candles as when I was testing them I did not do this test.
I personally suffer from middle ear and inner ear infections due to a sever ear injury so I am always on my guard with this one ear. The minute I feel the ear starting to heat up or get itchy or a bit gluggy I ear candle. I do not wait for it to really take a grip. This is how I manage now my ears along with what I eat. My natropath/homeopath works with me on this as it has affected my stomach now. It's a bu.... If I catch it before it fully develops it goes after a few ear candling sessions. Thank goodness.


If you suffer from allergies and you need to ear candle you might like to look at your diet. If you try not eating any wheat products for a week and see how goes, then maybe diary and possibly sugars. This may be a way of cutting down on your ear candling. Oops this is putting me out of business. Seriously check your diet, how much you eat of what. 

TIPS  On Ear Candling with 'healing candles' by Ear

Candles Australia


17. When lighting the flame try doing it from where the wax starts, I have found this easier.


16. Sometimes when ear candling you can press with your index finger just where the ear lobe and the jaw meet it may create a louder sound.


15. Winter time it is good to have a nice hot shower or bath before ear candling. Why: helps soften the ear debris so it is easier to extract. 

14. Sometimes you may need to do an extra ear candling a few days or the next day after you originally ear candled. Why: because due to excess debris the candle may clear the excess and stimulate what is underneath to take its place.


 13. When ear candling with 'healing candles' you can twist the ear candle when in the ear and move it gently from side to side.


12. What comes out of our ears is scary sometimes. Large bits of wax, spiders, little hard rocks. I once candled a client where the candle went really quite then whoosh, I felt all this debris going up the candle then quite, I quickly took the candle out and went to put the skewer up the candle and the skewer got stuck in the candle. I removed the skewer and all this wax just poured out onto the floor. Another time an enormous lump of wax popped out when I was doing a clean of the candle with the skewer. You just do not know. 


 11. Our Ear candles do take a little time to burn down due to their size, but it is worth it. If you have an  ear issue this ear candle could be the candle for you if you want to clear your issue.  And it may take more than one ear candle. We do not want it all cleared in one go and damaging your ear at the same time that is why ear candling is a gentle process, but at the same time you want the maximun results, this you will get with our ear candle.

10. you can move the candle around at the entrance of the ear to position the tappered end where you hear the loudest sound.


9. Let the candle burn down a 3rd, take it out of your ear, cut it above the flame. Why>>not a good idea to have hot ash hanging off the candle>>use the skewer provided to pop it up the TAPPERED end of the candle, jiggle it around, take it out and tap firmly using skewer up and down the candle, debris will fall out, smoke should start streaming out the end. YOU HAVE A NEW CANDLE GOING BACK INTO YOUR EAR.

8. TIP..all ear candles work by lighting them at the top, cotton end, a venturi should build up around the fire, then travel down the candle, depending on the strength of the of the vacuum what is released. This I was told by an engineer. He informed me that a good vacuum, 'rate of flow' is denoted by the structure of the candle, that is why he uses ours.No one really knows all of how an ear candle works as there has been no testing etc, no money in it I guess to find out. We only know it is a very ancient remedy AND IT WORKS.. well...ours do...I cannot speak for other ear candles companies, that would not be right. NOW look out for imported cheap ear candles mmmmm. Go to our product page to check out a diagram of the differences between a straight candle and a cone shaped candle.


7. When ear candling, it is important to remove the candle from the ear every 3rd (this will be twice you do it). Cut off the burnt fabric ABOVE the flame and use the skewer provided to clean the candle from the tapered end of the candle Why..1.we do not know what is coming out of your ear. Do you? Other reasons next week.

6. TIP 6 before you start ear candling drink one glass of water and one glass after you have ear candled. Do not stand up straight away. Sit up slowly, get your bearings then stand up

5. Other signs are a warm feeling, soft and comforting. If your ear gets very hot, there may be a 'block' somewhere along the chanels. One of the ways the body can clear this is via heat.

4. when ear candling, expect to hear either a crackling, ocean or whooshing sound. The louder the better in the case of crackling. Next tip will  be on other signs when ear candling.

3. when waiting for the smoke to stream out of the tapered end, to hurry it along, seal the opening,(a finger will do) for around 5 - 10 seconds.

2. always wait until the smoke is streaming out of the tapered end before you use the candle.

1. always add one drop of good quality oil into each ear the night before you are going to ear candle. This softens the wax in the outer ear.

Each week I will add a tip to make your ear candling experience with healing candles by Ear candles Australia a more enjoyable and successful experience.

Want to know what the debris in your ear candles is?  Just send a clear photo to us either via your mobile phone or email along with your contact phone no. Make sure you do not disturb the contents inside the candle, just gently pry the candle open. I will respond. -Anne

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If you are into bees wax wraps instead of a plastic cover for your food, we offer bees wax in small blocks ready to melt and use in 200 gms weight. You will need to order via email for the moment.

I have a recurring ear infection - ear candles keep it under control as I am told there is nothing the medical profession can do due to the injury.

I have also been informed by a mother with a child with recurring ear infections that she has found our ear candles to be excellent clearing them.  So maybe with children or adults with recurring ear infections that are not too bad ( I catch mine the minute my ear feels a little hot), our ear candles could be an option.

As we all know detoxing is good for your body, cleaning out all the excess toxin and waste build up to give your body a well deserved rest. Ears are also a pathway the body takes to eliminate waste/debris, ear candling is a great way you can assist this process while detoxing.

Over the last couple of years people have come up to me saying, 'ear candling doesn't work'. I asked them what type of ear candle they used?  From what they have described, it appears that the ear candles were one of the cheapest and small.  If this is the case, IT MAY NOT WORK. Up till then I had not ever heard about ear candling not working. Check the quality and type of ear candle before you buy, cheapest/imported sometimes is not the most effective.

Don't forget high quality bees wax lasts for ages. If you don't get to use your ear candles straight away, they will last for a long time.   

After you have ear candled using our ear candles, cut the candle open,  want to know what all the debris inside the candle is?, gently pry open the candle where you have cut, without moving the debris inside, send us a clear picture via email along with your contact no. we will phone you to discuss this.

If you see an ear candle where the fabric is white or maybe the wax is white as well, it may have been whitened by chemicals AND not made in Australia

I wonder if some of the plastic attachments to some of the ear candles emits toxins when warmed by the candle?

It is a good idea to have either a soy wax candle or a bees wax candle burning while you are ear candling along with a window slightly open.

Soy Wax and Bees Wax clean the environment.

Pariffin wax pollutes the environment.  It is an oil based product and emits a black smoke.

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